23 July 2005

Downing Street Memo - 3rd Anniversary

Today, there will be over 250 events across the United States to commemorate the third anniversary of the Downing Street Memo, which was a confidential British government memo discussing the developments of the US government as it allegedly tried to fix intelligence to justify an invasion of Iraq. Neither the US nor the UK denies the allegations.

I will be attending the Los Angeles event with Congresswoman Maxine Waters at noon today. The excitement is keeping me wide awake right now. This will be a valuable opportunity for me to meet up with like-minded folks, something that doesn't come by easily when I am situated in a hardcore Republican suburb. I hope the heat won't be so intense today. (I'm going to wear a pink miniskirt suit - just like in the picture - to live up to my nickname and reputation. :) )

I'll post again after the event.