24 July 2005

Innocent man shot dead by London police

This is already an old news, but an innocent Brazilian electrician was shot dead as a suspected terrorist by the London police as he tried to board a subway train. This was a fallout from the July 7th terrorist attacks; the man lived in a Brixton apartment building under surveillance by the police due to suspected terrorist activity. He really was there at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

What's outrageous is that the police shot a fallen man five times in the head and torso, just to be sure he was dead, without even being sure that he was a suspect.

The London police intends to continue its new policy of "shoot and kill" despite condemnations from around the world.

Now I know where I won't be vacationing anymore - at least while Tony Blair remains in power. Combine it with some British companies' bribing of Congressman Tom DeLay, and I can no longer travel to the UK, or buy British products, in good conscience at this time. The Britons must demonstrate their well-known civilness and regard for human dignity, by pressuring Blair to quit.

(Though with a mass murderer like Bush as my "President," I wonder if I have the right to condemn another country like this...)