28 July 2005

Some personal stuff

I've been on a shopping spree lately.

First, my wardrobe needed some serious updating, and now it's getting it. I did not even have a pair of those popular flare pants that look so cute, living off of some outdated narrow-leg and spandex pants instead. Not anymore! And a sexy tunic too, to go along with my new flare khakis. Moreover, as a progressive activist, I couldn't bear wearing Victoria's Secret underwear anymore, after learning of their conservative connections; I started switching to Gap Body instead. (And my body is thanking me for it - it looks much better now.) Combine them with my recent J. Crew suit purchases, and I am practicing what I preach, at last.

The same has happened on the beauty front a few months ago, when I started buying MAC, instead of the brand I used to sell myself - Mary Kay, which is often sold by hardcore Christian conservatives. During my Mary Kay days, some colleagues really hated me for launching a lesbian-targeted marketing campaign.

I also finally placed an order for five Blue Hope Bracelets, which will hopefully go together well with all these other products I've been buying lately, and will definitely make a statement.

Last, but not the least, I went to Simply Pink and ordered a double-female necklace, exactly like the one I had lost several years ago during a forced move back to Los Angeles. Before too long, I will be openly wearing my lesbian pride again.

I look forward to all these fashion statements, and more, in the weeks ahead.