25 July 2005

These guys won't be missed at all

I just read this ABC News article which Amy mentioned on the Democracy Cell Project, and thought about it for a minute.

These people are so extreme and nuts that even the conservative Republican dictatorship in today's US federal government is not conservative enough. After all, abortion is still legal, Judge Roy Moore was forced to remove his Ten Commandments from the Alabama courthouse, and gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts, so something is not right for them. Their proposal is to move to South Carolina, turn it into a Christian theocratic state, and if the feds balk, consider seceding.

I won't miss them. I will gladly watch as they turn themselves into a Christian version of Taliban Afghanistan, (or Saudi Arabia without the oil) and become cut off and ridiculed by the civilized world. They think they have enough of an economy, but when foreign investors like BMW close up their South Carolina shops, it won't matter.

So go ahead. Go. Indulge in your death cult orgies. At least everyone in your little jurisdiction will agree with you that your cult is the most "superior" and "true" of all.

And I do commend you for being inclusive of nonwhites, by the way. Why not take some of your friends from Koreatown and Little Havana as well, and do me a favor too?