14 August 2005

I'm back from Vegas

I'm back - after winning $85 at the blackjack tables at Luxor, and using that money (and some more) to do some shopping. Now I am even better equipped in the underwear and shoes department (even though I was drying a pair of panties in my hotel room and just left them there!). Speaking of my room, Internet access wasn't free... preventing me from logging onto my blog.

I really needed to get away - even for one night - and this vacation proved to be a great way to unwind and have some time by myself. The heat was oppressive, but I enjoyed it nevertheless, walking around the different malls of the Strip as I did my shopping.

I also ended up watching a performance of "O" at Bellagio; I couldn't follow the storyline, or lack thereof, at all (all the songs were sung in Sims-like gibberish, for example), but the acrobatics and water divings were spectacular.

One bad thing I've noticed these days in Vegas is more vigilant ID checking, especially at table games. At my blackjack table this morning, every young person had to show an ID to the dealer to play. Underage gambling must have been a major issue in Nevada lately, I presume. Of course, for someone like me, when my IDs describe me as a plain, dorky man when I am none of the above (I really need this resolved soon), it's a very uncomfortable moment. My dealer (a Korean lady at that!) had no issues with me though, telling me that age was the only issue. I hope that this is the same story in all casinos with all dealers, as I do want to keep going back to Vegas on a regular basis. (Maybe there indeed are gamblers who crossdress for luck, I don't know.)

On a brighter note, another dealer called me "Miss" when I tipped him. That made me feel good - this hasn't happened to me in years, and may never happen again, given my age.

Hopefully I will be able to have some time with myself at other locales very soon. Maybe San Francisco and Napa Valley for Labor Day Weekend?