31 August 2005

More Katrina update

The mayor of New Orleans thinks thousands may be dead in his city alone. Oh, the humanity! The city government has moved to Baton Rouge.

While Katrina may be a natural disaster, the response in New Orleans is completely man-made. The levee broke, flooding the entire city. It looks like the government was not ready for a scenario like this. How could it be, when it is too busy spending taxpayer money in that sinkhole known as Iraq, and preparing for a whole slew of new wars, starting in Iran?

And the Christian death cultists are celebrating God's wrath on New Orleans, because it was supposed to hold a gay gathering starting today. How about the morally upright, pro-family, pro-life, pro-Bush people of Mississippi and Alabama who died en masse as well? When the framers of the US Constitution thought of freedom of speech, I am pretty sure they did not think of the hateful crap that the death cultists are spewing out in the name of their mean, hateful, judgmental, male God.

May the Goddess have mercy on us all.