15 August 2005

Surprise over at Code Pink

The Code Pink women are all mobilized in support of Cindy Sheehan and her camp outside Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. Being on the Code Pink email list myself, I get updates every other day or so.

I found a pleasant surprise in my mailbox this evening. I was given a link to a poem, written by none other than my writing teacher, Gayle Brandeis. I am very glad to see her be so active in this great organization. I've known of her progressive politics from her own blog for a while, and now she's putting herself into action - great! Moreover, she will hold a vigil of her own at 7:30 PM Wednesday at Riverside Public Library, which is a 30-minute drive from me.

Now that I've actually named my writing teacher, I will have no choice but to out myself to her (she does know me by my old identity). I will probably make it happen at the vigil, if I can pull it off. Another goal for me would be to bring her into the Democracy Cell Project; I've talked about this for months without doing a thing about it. Once I come out, I will add Gayle's blog, Fruitful, to my list of favorite blogs.