29 August 2005

The upcoming Bay Area/Napa Valley trip

The trip planning itself has come along nicely. For next to nothing, I booked a business hotel near San Francisco's airport, where I will be able to use free high-speed Internet and many other perks, right in my room. I've sketched out a rough itinerary as well. I may also consider a stop at Hearst Castle as I drive up Highway 1. This will be a great trip.

The problem is, my mother is insisting on joining, saying that I will not have to pay any extra hotel or gasoline costs even if she joins, and that she will pay for food. While I appreciate her gesture, doesn't she realize that I need some time by myself too? I am not a kid who needs to tow Mommy around on every trip. Besides, I will take her to Carlsbad Caverns for Thanksgiving, and she still has plenty of other opportunities for the Bay Area, with her nephew being there and all.

I'll see what happens. I'll do anything I can to lose her nicely. Even though I had my own time in Vegas, and will again have some more time in DC, I still need time by myself now, considering what she's put me through this past weekend.