22 September 2005

DC Update

After scrubbing plans to participate in the White House civil disobedience, I had decided to limit myself to the Peace and Justice Festival and the Interfaith Service, both on Sunday the 25th, where I would be hanging out with the crew of Democracy Cell Project, meeting with the key members of Code Pink, and possibly making contacts with a few other organizations.

Now I've put another item on my agenda: Monday the 26th Lobby Day. Before the civil disobedience, United for Peace and Justice is putting together delegations of citizens who would be meeting with members of Congress. After encouragement from the Democracy Cell Project, I signed up last night, despite the possible issue of being denied entry to Congressional buildings due to my "not-so-proper" IDs (I did advise United for Peace and Justice of that). I hope my contribution to this effort will help the cause a bit more.

My meeting with Congressman Gary Miller may not happen, if he decides to just snub me; even if he does meet with me, I expect him to follow the standard W regime line and be uncooperative. However, I do look forward to meeting with Senators Boxer and Feinstein; they are great women, and true patriots (not to mention the only Democratic elected officials representing me at either federal or state level).

I'll need to spend three hours on Sunday being briefed for these meetings. But that will be time well spent. And since I do have a black pantsuit ready to pack, I guess I'll just wear that for the meetings, and be presentable.