01 September 2005

FEMA endorses Christians over others.

sploid.com reports that on the FEMA website, the second repository of Katrina donations, right below the Red Cross, is none other than Operation Blessing, run by Rev. Pat Robertson. The same Pat Robertson who ran for president in 1988 on a theocratic platform, and who just called for the assassination of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

I've checked other repositories of donations, and just about all are Christian charities. There are plenty of secular and other non-Christian charities out there doing hard work, but FEMA is directing everybody to the Christians only.

The death cultists, particularly Robertson, are going to make a killing out of this disaster. They'll be rejoicing twofold - from this financial bonanza, and from God's supposed retribution against the gays and the abortionists of New Orleans.

I've had enough. As I mentioned on the Democracy Cell Project blog, my first act when arriving at my hotel during my upcoming Bay Area trip (and the DC trip later this month) will be to throw out the Gideons Bible from my room. The Death Book, which has replaced the Constitution as the basic law of the US government, is not welcome where I am. They've asked for WAR, and a WAR is what they'll get, even though I may be a pacifist.