08 September 2005

Girlie Man at work

I've just received word that the California State Legislature became the first legislative body in the US to vote in favor of legalizing gay marriage - and that Arnold Schwarzenegger will veto it, citing "the will of the voters" expressed in 2000 through Proposition 22.

Ahnuld is definitely pandering to the right-wing immigrant elements of the state - like himself - who made the passage of Proposition 22 happen in the first place. Thanks to them, the hateful family values of Third World countries became California family values, and this may happen again next year, when they force the state to vote on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages once and for all. In fact, Proposition 22 is so out of step with the legal system and tradition of California that the courts have suspended it as being unconstitutional.

Ahnuld has chosen to pander, instead of to unite. W must have set a good example for him to follow. Ahnuld must remember that he was elected on a promise of bipartisanship in the chaos of the recall of Gray Davis - not on some hateful machismo agenda of young immigrant men who liked his action movies.

I'll be watching. California can choose to set an example, or it can choose to succumb to imported hatred.