12 September 2005

NeoCon talking points on Katrina

I'm extremely enraged right now, after two days of bombardment from my neocon Korean (that's redundant, by the way - the two are one and the same) father on the neocon talking points regarding the Katrina disaster. His points are as follows:

  • The poor and the middle class in New Orleans are lazy-ass niggers.
  • As lazy-ass niggers, they don't deserve government help. They squandered it on welfare already, having kids after kids out of wedlock and using AFDC payments to buy a Cadillac. (Gotta love that Reagan propaganda.)
  • Bush may be God's man but could not block Katrina on his own.
  • New Orleans was a decadent place where you could walk into a neighborhood bar to watch sex acts. It deserved to be struck.
  • The conclusion: New Orleans has no right to blame the federal government.
  • The 1994 Northridge quake in Los Angeles was caused by the porn industry of San Fernando Valley.
  • San Francisco will suffer greatly soon because of its gays.
If I could go choke the hell out of the mean, judgmental, Christian God who makes this kind of thinking possible, I would - and more. Fortunately, I believe in a more nurturing Goddess, and I won't need to resort to such tactics.

For someone who claims to never have heard of the names Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, my father is so damn good at repeating their talking points. It must be that the Korean-language radio stations he listens to are neocon parrots themselves, just like the community they serve. They go into death cult mode 8 hours a day anyway. (And shame on you, Sirius Satellite Radio, for replacing Air America with Radio Korea.)

I've been telling everyone, including the Democracy Cell Project, that I've just about had it with the Korean tax evasion. It's a well-known fact that the Koreans are the poorest Asian ethnicity on paper, yet live in big suburban houses and drive Lexuses, because they underreport their incomes. My previous CPA, a Korean-American, encouraged me to do the same - until I was audited by the IRS and ended up paying a huge fine. (My current Chinese-American CPA makes me pay my fair share, and gives me advice on legal tax savings.) And much of the "savings" goes back into the Republican war chest in hopes of further tax cuts - my mother's veterinarian being the key case.

In fact, I remember reading a news article back in 2000, before the Democratic National Convention took place in Los Angeles, where Los Angeles citizens of various nationalities were interviewed. Other ethnicities wished for better healthcare, a more robust economy, better schools, and other common wishes. The Korean had only one thing to say: tax cut.

Between massive tax evasions, the death cult churches (Reverend Moon and otherwise), primitive culture and morality, and social Darwinism, I'm just about as fed up as I can be. The fact that Korean immigration into America has primarily consisted of right-wing Christians is not to be missed, serving the needs of both the military dictatorships back home and the Republicans here. I do hope something - either an earthquake, a massive IRS audit, or West Hollywood gay activists finishing off what the African-Americans started in 1992 - will put an end to Koreatown as we know it.

As a result, I am going to drop my last name from this blog. The address will stay the same in the interest of not forcing you to change your bookmarks, but my profile will no longer have my father's last name. And unlike my novel character Kirsten, I won't take my (Chinese) mother's name either, because she is still a product of the Korean death cult churches, and cannot accept my gender identity.

I'm also stopping going to my regular hair salon, where the Death Book is strewn about and the stylist keeps asking me about my marriage plans (geez, if you didn't vote for Ahnuld, I could get married right now) and the possibility of going to a death cult church to find a mate (no thanks). Also, no more kimchi for me. It smells anyway.