08 September 2005

What I've suspected all along...

The UN has made it official. The United States of America is NOT a developed country. It is a Third World country that happens to be very rich. Of course, the Republicans are going to be VERY incensed at this idea, but their wealth redistribution toward the super-rich is what has caused the whole mess, including the Katrina disaster.

I know it personally too. In the only "developed country" lacking universal healthcare, no insurer wants to sell me health insurance, just for having been outspoken against the current regime in recent years. And the Republicans keep yelling "healthcare is not a right." Well, I hope they get denied coverage, and DIE from it.

It is ridiculous when I have enough money to buy a luxury car, yet still can't get health insurance. It must be only worse for those who cannot even pay out-of-pocket costs.

For more details, read the excerpts from the report which Rossiann posted on the ReBelle Nation blog.