29 September 2005

Wrapping up my DC stay

I spent another busy day. I caught up with Karen Bradley of Democracy Cell Project, at the Democratic Women's Leadership Conference at the Mayflower Hotel near Dupont Circle (Karen was taking pictures there). As we spent time there, we ended up spotting two Democratic power brokers: Howard Dean and George Stephanopoulos. In the midst of these men, plus the women in power suits, I could literally feel the power flow around me. (And regretted putting on the "Ally McLesbian" miniskirt suit instead of my own power pantsuit...)

Karen also took a few pictures of me, which may end up at the Democracy Cell Project website.

The rest of the evening was spent at a bookstore/restaurant named Busboys & Poets at 17th and V streets NW. I also met with Christine (CAYorty) and her father, and we had a lengthy dinner together.

This wrapped up all my political activities for the trip, as I will be returning home tomorrow. I will miss this trip, and I will miss DC. I felt so empowered having been able to lobby at Capitol Hill, meet with the great activists of Democracy Cell Project, and being surrounded in something other than hardcore Republican suburbs. I need to carry this feeling forward and bring it home, knowing that even though John Roberts may have cheated his way to the Supreme Court, the popular sentiment is against the W regime now. I will do everything to make people vote against the wimps of both parties who are sucking up to W.

I will upload some photos from this trip here when I return home.