07 October 2005

And speaking of Ann Coulter

Coulter's gender has been the subject of a lot of talk lately. Here are some sites:

"Strap-on Veterans for Truth"
Mann Coulter (from CannonFire blog)
Ann Coulter is a MAN (Sentry News Digest)

Googling "Ann Coulter transsexual" pulled up a lot of other articles that I won't even bother to list. In any case, the rumors are out there, and so are incriminating evidences. And of course, Stephanie Miller has pretty much concluded that Coulter is a "noted transsexual plagiarist."

Why a transgender woman would want to be a right-winger is beyond me, but Coulter, if she is indeed a "tranny," is far from alone, based on my own experiences. The male way of thinking that encourages Republicanism carries right over even when the person wants to be a woman - that's all I can conclude. Virtually all "women" that I know of in the Log Cabin Republican organization were formerly men. I learned some of the most vicious right-wing ideas, such as a 23% flat national sales tax (and the abolition of income tax), from transgender "women."

Coulter and the others should see the light, come out of the closet, and follow my footsteps into a more accepting world. There is only death on the Republican trail as long as you are transgender.