05 October 2005

John Roberts and Toyota

Many Toyota owners have been angry at me over my condemnation of Toyota over its links to John Roberts. Most of them claim to have never heard of such a connection. They keep happily driving away in their Priuses, Corollas, and other Toyotas, because they are fuel-efficient.

I did a quick Google search to pull up this document on Roberts, courtesy of National Organization for Women (NOW). It clearly says, at the top of his accomplishments in law practice (middle of the page), that Roberts was a counsel for Toyota in its successful attempt to weaken ADA and fire a worker whose disability was caused by on-the-job injuries.

So I rest my case. I see Toyota as an evil corporation that sells Priuses and Corollas to rake in hard-earned progressive dollars, and spend them on conservative causes. It played a key role in elevating an inexperienced judge to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Every time the high gas prices tempt me to buy a Prius, I will always think of the Roberts Supreme Court, and turn to other manufacturers. And I will take a very close look at all foreign manufacturers who build cars on US soil - usually in anti-union southern states - for any signs of anti-labor practices. (Toyota's Kentucky plant, responsible for Camrys, Solaras, Siennas, and Avalons, is notorious for labor abuses.)

Okay, okay, now you say, I drive something even more sinister - a Ford. I admit it. And it's junk. I will get rid of it when the time comes.