28 October 2005

Libby Indicted

I haven't been watching this one closely, but I've just learned that Lewis Libby, one of Dick Cheney's aides, has been indicted in the Plamegate scandal. Karl Rove has not been indicted yet, but he is not free and clear either.

Plamegate was a very sickening scandal, to say the least, and I am glad to see that justice is about to be served to a number of officials, who manipulated intelligence and put many people at risk in order to take the "war on terror" further by taking it to Iraq (and curtailing civil liberties within the US).

I hope the W administration is severely damaged, if not downright destroyed, in this process, as the democratic institutions work their way. I further hope that the war on terror is brought back to the real target - al Qaeda - and that the severe limits placed on American civil liberties, such as the Patriot Act and the Real ID Act, are rescinded.