05 October 2005

Now I know which airline I won't be flying

I just picked up this article from the Democracy Cell Project blog, where a woman flying from Los Angeles to Portland via Reno, on Southwest Airlines, was asked to change her "offensive" shirt or get off the flight. The shirt was a variation on "Meet the Fockers" with various W regime officials on it. The passenger in question was offered a different flight if she changed her shirt; she decided to drive a rental car instead.

I concluded that Southwest was simply censoring a passenger's political opinions, being the most Republican major airline in the skies today. After all, it is based in W's home state.

There are plenty of other choices in the skies. I will look at those before ever considering Southwest again. JetBlue, 23% owned by George Soros, looks like a nice try. So is American, which I just flew last week, and which is known for its gay-friendly policies - despite being based in Southwest's hometown as well.

Even United, which has taken a lot of flak over its termination of employee pension benefits as well as its corrupt executives' connections to Congressman Dennis Hastert, looks like a better pick than Southwest. At least it has a somewhat Democratic PAC, according to Buy Blue; flew delegates to Democratic National Conventions of 1996 and 2000; and was also well-known for being gay-friendly. On my last flight with United a year ago, I spent time in the back galley with a flight attendant, pointing out the stupidity of many of W's policies together.