09 October 2005

William Bennett still wants black babies aborted

A while ago, while I was in DC, William Bennett - the "morality czar" who was Reagan's education secretary - linked crime rate to blacks, and remarked that crime rate would go down if every black baby got aborted. The blogosphere was up in arms over this.

I just read a report that Bennett was in Bakersfield, in California's red red San Joaquin Valley, yesterday, refusing to apologize, and blaming the media for twisting it "out of context." White supporters cheered him on, and blacks are still incensed. As one black protester put it, there was no context to take the comments out of.

No wonder 80-90% of blacks refuse to vote Republican. The GOP is a party of whites only, and maybe a few chosen puppet minorities like the Cubans, the Koreans, and the Vietnamese, who are seen as being useful to their pro-war, anti-civil-rights agenda. Of course, when the time of usefulness is up, these minorities will go the way of blacks, as Rep. Jay C. Kim, a Korean-born Republican who used to represent my district, has learned the hard way. I hope my father, who is rejoicing at the death of all these "lazy ass niggers," is taking notice.