06 November 2005

The Death Cult tyranny at work again

The wholesome lineup of American Girl dolls have been targeted by the Christians over their links to Girls Inc., an organization that provides guidance to young girls, because of Girls Inc.'s support of pro-choice movements and acceptance of different sexual orientations.

This is starting to get ridiculous. The theocracy is really starting to establish itself. If the death cultists cannot accept the fact that there are people with different takes on things, they should do themselves a favor and set up their own nation, not drag the rest of the civilized world with them.

I am starting to really have a bad feeling about this, because the establishment of theocracy in the United States will have a domino effect, and set up theocracy in a number of other countries. South Korea, where I am headed for business opportunities later this week, will surely follow, thanks to its own legion of death cultists who have extra affinity for American Christian politicians and leaders. My livelihood will completely be gone, even if I manage to get myself to a safer country.

Newsweek article