09 November 2005

Election Update

Good news: all of the Governator's propositions failed. Actually, ALL propositions - good and bad - failed in California. The margin was quite narrow for Proposition 73 (parental consent before teen abortion) and Proposition 75 (limiting union political power) though; it was a close call.

The county-by-county map showed predictable results; Bay Area and Sacramento Area counties opposed the Governator, while the rest of the state solidly supported him. Los Angeles County is an anti-Ahnuld island in a sea of pro-Ahnuld counties, but even then, only the City of Los Angeles plus the likes of Santa Monica and West Hollywood are solidly in the progressive camp, with the rest being just as Republican as the neighboring Orange County. Ventura County and Inland Empire were pro-Ahnuld, but barely.

Bad news: the Texas gay marriage ban passed 3-to-1. Texas made it clear: if you are gay, you are NOT human. I'll make it clear now: I will avoid doing business with Texas-based companies, especially the likes of Dell Computers, if at all possible. I will make a very small number of exceptions for the more enlightened Texas companies, such as American Airlines.

All sorts of California proposition information can be obtained from the Secretary of State website.