11 November 2005

Final post before Seoul

This will likely be my final post before leaving for the trip tomorrow.

My itinerary is pretty much set, and I don't expect to have any privacy whatsoever, preventing me from presenting myself as a woman on the streets of Seoul. This will dampen the spirit of the trip. But given the business potential of this trip, I will do my best to maximize its impact.

If the business succeeds, I will be a regular in Seoul. I should be able to have plenty of opportunities to present as a woman then, and to connect with the lesbian community there if possible. The goal will be to actually have a passport that identifies me as Rachel.

Once in Seoul, I will use this blog to discuss the ins and outs of Korean current events, as they relate to global and American events. This blog will continue to be an American blog in character. Whenever I travel elsewhere in the future, a similar program will be in effect; the local current events will be researched and discussed in relation to global and American ones.

I will switch this blog to Korean standard time, which is GMT +9, until I return home.