19 November 2005

Final Post from Korea

I am at Incheon Airport's departure lounge. It's still a bit early, and my flight to Los Angeles is not at the gate yet.

Both my carry-on and checked baggage were hand-searched today. It seems that all US-bound passengers are being hand-searched today.

It was a very crazy week here in Korea. I got a mixed signal out of my visit. Some aspects of the Korean society and life, like the advanced telecommunications technologies and the transportation system, impressed me. Others, like the backward social customs, still keep me restrained and less than free.

I enjoyed re-tracing my steps of my childhood, and discovering new hangouts.

Most importantly, I have new business ideas that I hope will be of use back in the United States. I hope to make the business successful so that I can make many more trips back here. But more importantly, I want it to give me the freedom that I desperately need, as well as my identity back. Again, I look forward to being one of Seoul's numerous plaid skirts in the future.