18 November 2005

Images of Busan

Here are some images from my trip to South Korea's No. 2 city, Busan (Pusan).

My bullet train is speeding at 294.7 kilometers per hour just south of Seoul. Eventually I hit 301 km/h. By comparison, Amtrak Acela only hits 200 km/h.

This banner at Busan Station commemorates the Asia Pacific Economic Council summit, in session in Busan. In fact, while I was speeding to Busan, W was having a summit with the South Korean president in nearby Gyeongju.

The distant Haeundae Beach resort area is seen from the beautiful Taejongdae headlands.

Yongdusan, or Dragon Head Mountain, is a hill in downtown Busan. It's crowned by the observation tower which rises 130 meters. I went in there.

At the foot of the tower, there was a Korean cultural festival going on, for visitors on APEC business.

Downtown Busan and the city's gigantic port, as seen from the tower.

The Jagalchi fish market, seen from the tower.

This memorial, at the entryway to the only United Nations cemetery in the world, recognizes the contributions of sixteen of UN's member nations, including the US and the UK, in protecting South Korea's sovereignty during the Korean War.

This plaque is in the Nampo-Dong District at the Busan Cinema, where the annual Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF), now a major cinematic event in Asia, is held.