07 November 2005

Tomorrow's special election

Governator Ahnuld's special election is tomorrow. Please get out and vote, and tell him that his special interest politics are not welcome.

I will vote NO on Proposition 73, which will require parental consent before a pregnant teen gets abortion. There are no exceptions, including cases of rape or incest. The backers are counting on California's large Catholic (especially immigrant) population to pass this. Don't cave in to religious tyranny.

Proposition 74 will punish teachers when the real problem with schools is the administrators. Vote NO.

Proposition 75 will require public employees to opt in for their union dues being used for political purposes, instead of opting out as is the case now. There are no similar measures being pushed on the corporate/religious side, so this weakens the Democrats and strengthens Republicans. NO. The public employees (teachers, nurses, firefighters, police) do not need to be punished.

Proposition 76 gives the Governator too much power, giving him even more authority to punish schools especially. He needs to pay back the $2 billion he borrowed instead from the education system. NO.

Proposition 77 lets retired judges, unaccountable to the voters, redistrict the state. Another Republican power grab attempt. NO.

74-77 are being endorsed by Arizona's John McCain. The Arizona I know is an anti-labor, slave-wage state where disposable income is unheard of, and where even experienced engineers have to live on just $30K per year, more than wiping out any advantages from cheaper housing. Don't let California become another Arizona. Vote NO on 74-77.

Proposition 78 is a sweetheart deal for the greedy pharmaceutical companies. The yes camp is heavily funded by them. NO again.

79 is a competing deal where the government negotiates cheaper drug prices. Right-wingers see bureaucratic mess and want me to vote no. I am leaning toward YES but I am not completely set on it yet. Bureaucrats are not good, but the pharmaceutical industry is far more evil.

I will still need to study 80, which regulates electricity suppliers. For now, organizations that I tend to support are pushing me in the YES direction.

If you live in California, please vote tomorrow. Thank you.