23 December 2005

Guatemalan Police murder transgender women

I just got a disturbing email from Amnesty International, which said that on December 17th, four men, believed to be policemen, shot two transgender women on the streets of Guatemala City, killing one of them. The survivor may be intimidated if she dares to speak out, and authorities are refusing to protect her.

I am truly sickened by the machismo and homophobia that is so rampant in Central and South America. And with so many Guatemalans, Salvadorians, and Mexicans in Southern California, this breed of hate is spreading throughout my area as well, with little or no attention from politically correct white liberals, whose world view does not allow for such hate. While the white liberals shelter themselves in their little West Hollywood bubble, I live these ethnic streets every day and feel the hate right in my face.

I will keep myself updated on the development of this matter. It isn't some random murder in a faraway country; it could happen in Los Angeles tonight too.

Amnesty International