08 December 2005

More reasons not to buy a Ford

Sources say that Ford has admitted to caving in to the American Family Association's pressure in halting its sponsorship of gay events.

Progressive media, from the Nation to AmericaBlog, are highlighting Ford's past transgressions, including founder Henry Ford's affinity for the Nazi ideology and support for Adolf Hitler. They are also highlighting the AFA's extremist agenda, showing why it not only hurts gays, but straights too.

Granted, all of Germany's reputable automakers (VW/Audi, DaimlerChrysler, BMW, and Porsche) were part of the Nazi organization as well, but they were thoroughly cleansed by the Allies after Hitler fell. Not Ford. Even today, I occasionally see Jews drive VW Beetles - but never Ford Mustangs.

Maybe I shouldn't even wait the two full years until the next emissions test forces me to junk my Ford; I will make the switch to a different car, as soon as I can afford to. In fact, if it weren't for the concerns of driving an "Old Europe" car into a Navy base and pissing off the neocons there, I would switch to my existing BMW fulltime right away.

The Nation