17 December 2005

"There Ought to Be Limits to Freedom"

W was quoted as saying exactly that in 2000, as he was campaigning for the presidency.

And now, he means it. Today, he admitted to authorizing secret spying within the US, and will continue to do the same thing. He does claim that he is limiting spying activities to foreigners, subject to strict review by the Justice Department.

I don't expect the likes of John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales to stand for individual freedoms. As Christian extremists, they are interested only in fighting the Armageddon and hastening the second coming of Jesus. And a Muslim attack on the United States, in the form of 9/11, was just exactly the trigger they needed.

Sources say that just about every anti-war protester can expect to have been spied by the US government. That would include me and most of my fellow activists.

As time goes on, I am more and more convinced that 9/11 was allowed to unfold, even though the government had ample time and resources to foil it, because it would offer W a good excuse to bring about a police state. And that's the only thing he is interested in now - a theocratic Christian police state. It's almost like Hitler setting fire to the Reichstag in 1932 and blaming it on the Communists, in a successful attempt to establish absolute power in Germany.

This is truly a culture of death, and the rings of "Merry Christmas" sound more deadly than ever, with all this taken into context.

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