06 December 2005

To hell with Ford Motor Company

I just spent $600 - more than the car is worth - to get my 1999 Ford to pass California emissions last month. Today, the Check Engine light has come back on, indicating that it's failing again. Now, I have no choice but to junk the car before the next emissions test in late 2007. I've had so many problems with my Contour that I've lost count; this is easily the worst piece of junk that anyone in my social circles has ever owned.

On a Ford-related news, the Advocate reports that under pressure from religious conservatives, Ford will no longer advertise Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles on the gay media, and most likely discontinue its sponsorship of gay organizations. While this is a very negative development, I am not surprised; Ford needs the right-wing bastards to keep the government policies in its favor, and to keep buying the Exploitations, the F-Series, and other gas guzzlers. After all, Ford is a truck company, and couldn't care less about car owners like me.

Many gays seem dismayed and surprised at this development; after all, Ford has sponsored Melissa Etheridge and her fight against breast cancer. But even that, and the Escape Hybrid, cannot completely conceal the fact that Ford is the favorite car company of the neocons. W drives an F-250 crew cab at his ranch. The Contour owner groups on the Internet were full of right-wing ideologues.

As I get rid of my Ford, and return my leased BMW, I will have to be in the market very soon for a new car. Unfortunately, my choices don't seem much better. My favorite make, BMW, is beholden to the primitive Bavarians in Germany, among whom is Pope Benedict. And if I can't afford another BMW, going downmarket will probably mean driving a Hyundai, a make that many have recommended to me as of late, but is beholden to the neocon Korean-American community. Neither company offers domestic partner benefits to US employees, and neither does Nissan, another make I prefer. I may have to settle for an overpriced Honda hybrid; at least, it'll send the right message, even though it's not exactly what I am looking for.

Don't even tell me to get a Toyota. Between its support of John Roberts and Governator Ahnuld, and its quashing of labor regulations in the US, I am in no mood to ever buy a Toyota.

EDIT: Fallen Goddess members are suggesting that I buy a Subaru. In addition, SAAB is also known for its pro-gay advertising. While I am not interested much in SAAB, Subaru sounds like a good idea, even though its cars are overpriced, and the all-wheel-drive is not much of use in Southern California. I do need to look into Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru's parent) and its alleged links to Japan's reactionary Koizumi government. While I am not worried about pissing off a few Korean neocons, I am far more concerned about pissing off the Chinese.