11 January 2006

Another argument for banning further Korean immigration

The Korean-American community is a collection of right-wing extremist oddballs, at odds with the values of both the United States of America and the Republic of Korea. With extremists like Reverend Sun Myong Moon and former Congressman Jay C. Kim, not to mention all those Christian charities and organizations that have done everything to further an otherwise-dead neocon Republican agenda in California and other "blue" states (and bolstering it in Texas and other "red" states), this community does NOT need a recognition in the form of the "Korean-American Day" this coming Friday - it needs to be shut down before it becomes the next Cuban-American community, complete with its political influence.

Here is yet another argument as to why further Korean immigration must be shut down right now. John Yoo, a W counsel, has argued for torturing of children of suspects, including crushing the child's testicles. I thought the Park Chung-hee fascist regime ended in 1979 with his assassination; apparently its adherents live on in America. (Well, South Korea did have another fascist dictator, Chun Doo-hwan, in the 1980s, but his rule ended with democratic elections.) Child torture is something I would've expected Park to do, not a "democracy" like the United States of America. But W is intent on turning America into Park-style fascist dictatorship, and he is bringing in all the pro-fascist Koreans he can to make it happen.

The Cuban community has damaged the institutions of the United States beyond repair, and it's too late to fight them now. Don't let the Korean community do the same. Already, tax evasion, exploitation of illegal labor, and other offenses are at dangerously high levels in Los Angeles' Koreatown.

And please refuse to patronize the South Korean conglomerates who support the fascists' agenda both in South Korea and the United States. Hanjin (Korean Air, which gambled with passengers' lives by turning Flight 007 into a covert spying mission in 1983) and anti-labor Samsung come to mind.

Mathaba News article (found on Angry Asian Man)