15 January 2006

More on Real ID Act

My websurfing (and a check on messages on my Hotmail account) brought me to MSNBC, where I picked up another article worth mentioning - that on the Real ID Act.

The more I see it, the less it seems to be about protecting America from foreign terrorism, and the more it seems to be about limiting Americans' freedoms and establishing a totalitarian police state.

Individual states do want to make their driver licenses and other IDs more secure, but are opposed in the implementation of the Real ID Act, due to the logistic nightmare and the high costs. There are NO provisions for reimbursing the astronomical expenses the states incur in order to comply.

It looks like the residents of most states will be barred from flying or from entering federal buildings as a result of the Real ID Act, as their states will not be able to comply in time, and the fascist bastard James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), who likes to shut down hearings when they don't go his way, is not budging a bit, citing "terrorist threats."

And honestly, if these fascists were truly concerned with airline security, they would see the airlines as security assets, and wouldn't be sitting idle as the nation's airlines keep going belly up - or in the case of United Airlines (and possibly several more), screw over its employee pension plan just to survive. An airline with disgruntled employees is NOT a safe airline, and certainly not a national security asset, yet the fascists let it happen. This is proof that the fascists want total power, not national security.

Moreover, the fascists in Arizona forced me to give up my "proper" IDs in 2001, just a year after I got them. With Real ID Act, it will be harder than ever to get my proper IDs back. The Arizona social worker in charge used his Latino Catholic morals to force me into a living arrangement - and identity - against my will. I will NEVER forgive the Catholic community for this (and its opposition to women's rights and support of the W agenda) as long as I live.

Perhaps the only silver lining in the implementation of the Real ID Act will be that the socially conservative immigrants will be just as screwed as I am - in fact, more so. Not a good reward for so selflessly supporting the Republican agenda.

MSNBC article