23 January 2006

Women's rights (or lack thereof) in the Bible

While participating in a discussion on Democratic Underground, I was handed a link to a webpage hosted on the Freedom From Religion Foundation. It was a partial listing of numerous Bible verses that have subjugated women as men's possessions, the source of men's sins, and perpetual second-class citizenry.

Its basic argument is that organized religions are the basis upon which rests the Western culture's oppression of womensfolk (and by extension, gays as well). It doesn't explain the oppression of women in ALL cultures (in the Far East, Confucius is primarily to blame), but it's a good starting point for further inquiry into the matter.

To think about it, religion and God (or as I shall say, Goddess) have always been corrupted by those in power to serve their own interests above their subjects. The current American corruption of Christianity is no different. Otherwise, why would God be a mean-spirited male figure in all major organized religions, when she is more of a nurturing female figure as far as I can see?

Why Women Need Freedom From Religion