06 January 2006

The World's Worst Terrorist Organization

Let's see here...

Pat Robertson has called for the assassination of a sovereign nation's elected leader, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Now, he's rejoicing at the illness of Ariel Sharon of Israel, because he "attempted to divide God's land and give it away to the Palestinians."

John Bolton has given absolutely no regard for the international community and consensus-building.

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Alberto Gonzales have maintained that torture is not acceptable - except torture done by the United States.

And of course, George W. Bush has been spying on ordinary Americans and political opponents (a Kerry staffer seems to have been wiretapped in 2004). He believes that the Geneva Convention does not apply to "enemy combatants," whose definition he will stretch at will to include political opponents. He did try to lock me up without reason back in 2001. He's already proclaimed that "there ought to be limits to freedom," and he means it by supporting constitutional amendments that will, for the first time, limit Americans' rights.

W also is in charge of the most awesome firepower in human history, a military that has a bigger budget than the rest of the world combined.

It looks like the face of terrorism is not necessarily that of a desperate band of Arabic men in turbans out in the deserts. By flouting international law and consensus, claiming to be above both American and international law, and treating the military as a pricey toy box instead of the "defender of freedom" they claim it to be, the W administration and its Christian cronies have become the most powerful, most destructive, scariest terrorists on the face of this planet. The only thing that prevents this terrorist force from becoming even more destructive than the likes of Adolf Hitler is the democratic tradition of the United States that even these thugs cannot overthrow overnight.

Note that I did not include the Republican Party as part of this terrorist organization, because even though the organization is made up of Republicans, there are also old-school Republicans who are seeing a massive expansion of government powers - and speaking out against it. I may disagree with the likes of John McCain, Bob Barr, and Walter Jones on just about everything else, but these Republicans have made it clear that they don't like the terrorists' power grab.

Remember the anguish when al-Qaeda killed 3,000 American civilians in the World Trade Center in 2001? Where is the anguish when W kills 100,000 Iraqi civilians in the name of "bringing them freedom?" Freedom that they still are not seeing yet, and will most likely never see?

And I am not even counting the terror of those Suburbans, Hummers, Exploitations, Sequoias, and other SUVs on Main Street, USA, driven by the supporters of this terrorist band.

The global community seems to agree. It is fearing the United States more than the likes of al-Qaeda, and that's not a pretty picture.