17 February 2006

The Human Cost of War

Here is a thoughtful article, co-written by Cindy Sheehan and Sam Bostaph for TruthOut.

The financial and human costs of the Iraq War are devastating, as it takes a toll on the American standard of life, America's ability to respond to emergencies like Katrina, and the notion of American freedom. As the two make it clear, as W claims to defend freedom abroad, Americans are giving up their freedoms to an ever-expanding federal government.

And again, as I think about it, this killing - and the destruction of survivors' lives - are what the Christians are advocating, by backing their "prophet" W. They have lost all credibility with me; don't tell me Jesus had nothing to do with the Old Testament or Paul, because it won't fly with me anymore. Maybe instead of calling themselves "Xtians," the Christians should refer to themselves as "Wtians."