17 February 2006

Mohammed cartoon uproar

The latest in this issue, which started when a group of Danish cartoonists drew a picture of Prophet Mohammed hiding a bomb in his turban, has a cleric offering a huge reward for the murder of the cartoonists.

In Islam, any physical depiction of The Prophet is a no-no, and a satirical depiction like the cartoon in question is even more so.

I would sympathize with the Muslims, if they weren't asking for MY head because of who I am, and if they weren't calling for the death of nonbelievers in general. You can call Islam a peace religion all you want, but as far as I can observe, it is a death cult, plain and simple, no different from the Christianity currently practiced in the United States. Again, religion must strive to bring peace and prosperity (not necessarily material prosperity) to the believers and the world at large, and Islam and Christianity are doing just the opposite.

MSNBC article