14 February 2006

Paul Hackett, out of politics

The morons who run today's Democratic Party have shot themselves in the foot again.

They have pressured Paul Hackett, a decorated Iraq War veteran and a straight-talking antiwar activist, into giving up his run for the Senate seat in Ohio, showing a strong preference for Sherrod Brown in his bid against incumbent Republican Mike DeWine.

Hackett is an extremely honest and popular man who won his support through his House campaign last year, almost defeating a Republican incumbent in a heavily Republican district. He is a hero among the bloggers and the progressives on the Internet.

By crushing a rising hero, and possibly driving him out of politics altogether, the Democrats have demonstrated clearly that they don't want to ever rule again, and that the US is now a one-party state, where the corrupt, hate-filled Republicans are the only party that matters.

I am glad to be a nonpartisan, as opposed to a Democrat, today, and supporting fellow now-nonpartisan organizations, such as the Democracy Cell Project, as opposed to the Democratic Party.

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