13 February 2006

A post from Daily Kos

I haven't started monitoring Daily Kos, another major progressive blog, until just about now, but the article they have now is absolutely on the point.

It quotes an article from Glenn Greenwald's blog, which states that W has now built a personality cult, where actions are right because they're W's actions, and any deviation from the W agenda gets you branded a nasty liberal, worthy of having that abomination of nature, Mann Coulter, call for your death.

Kos compares the W personality cult to North Korea's own personality cult around the Kim family. Too bad that South Korean immigrants around me, who claim to absolutely abhor personality cults because of North Korea, are in fact the biggest supporters of the W personality cult. (And they even made a supporting personality cult around Reverend Moon.) Maybe I should really consider moving before W's America becomes a carbon copy of the worst of both Koreas.

Daily Kos