31 March 2006

9/11 - a conspiracy?

After following some discussions over at the ReBelle Nation blog, as well as on Fallen Goddess's political forum, I followed this link.

Loose Change

The site purports to lay out widely available evidence, and leaves it up to the reader to verify them. In fact, most of the evidence is hyperlinked.

The conclusion of the site seems to be that the World Trade Center towers were rigged to implode during the mysterious "security drills" of August 2001 - and highly skilled government operatives on an "exercise," not Arabs with boxcutters, were the ones who hijacked the planes and crashed them into the towers, to provide cover. The collapse of World Trade Center 7, a 47-story building, has no plausible explanation, and was ignored in the 9/11 Commission's report; the site alleges that controlled implosion, again, is the only explanation.

It even says that the two United aircraft involved, N591UA (Flight 93) and N612UA (Flight 175), continued to be listed as valid registrations in the FAA database for four years after the attacks - and links to the website of a frequent United flyer, who swears he spotted N591UA operating as Flight 1111 in 2003. Flight 93 supposedly landed in Cleveland, with mysterious gaps in the cockpit voice recorder. Never mind that neither aircraft, nor the two "destroyed" American aircraft, were scheduled to fly in the first place. (Though I'll add that re-using registration numbers is not unheard of; N344AA, which belonged to American 11, formerly belonged to an American DC-7 - whose nose is at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, now. But re-using the number of a crashed aircraft is pretty bad taste.)

Regardless of whether one believes the official version, or what's presented at this site, I feel that one thing is clear. The attack plans were known to the federal government in August 2001, and even on 9/11, there was ample time to scramble fighter jets, and warn and shoot down the hijacked airliners, before they hit their targets. Failure to do so, and allowing 3,000 people to be killed at the World Trade Center, counts as willful negligence. W is not the strong-willed, determined wartime president that the Republican spin machine paints him as; he allowed 9/11 to happen, and basically let people die for his own political gain, so that he could ram through fascist provisions, such as the Patriot Act and the Real ID Act, that do nothing to make America safer, and everything to limit people's freedoms.

W indeed believes there ought to be limits to freedom, but I never imagined that he would go to such lengths to make the point. Plus, if he can't respond to disasters with advance warning, like Katrina, he can't do a thing about "spontaneous" disasters, like 9/11 supposedly was.

I'll also need to ask whether American and United Airlines are innocent victims, or willing accomplices trying to cover up their dirty deeds. I do almost all of my flying with these two airlines (particularly United), and I am in no mood to give business to a company that will get me killed for some cheap political gain. I have already blacklisted Korean Air, on my trips to Asia, for the same reason.