20 March 2006

More on South Dakota abortion ban

I was listening to Stephanie Miller on the radio this morning, as I often do; today, it was a guest host, since Stephanie is away.

The host played a snippet of a Republican state senator answering a question on what the exception to the abortion ban would be, which, according to the new law, would only consist of "grave danger to the woman's life." The answer to that question would be a "savage rape on a Christian woman saving her virginity for marriage" - because the resulting destruction of her moral standing would itself be grave danger to the woman's life psychologically.

I thought a rape, how savage it may be, was not an exception. Apparently only morally upright Christian virgins are worth protecting, to this Republican. This is nothing short of legislating morality and religion.

As I try to recover from my facial paralysis, I've had discussions with my mother - who has been nursing me - about the "rugged individualism" of American and European cultures. This is the individualism that gives people maximum freedom and minimal intrusion, as long as no harm is done, and is very different from the strict moral and social codes that limit people's choices in Latin America and Asia. This is precisely why white Americans will only speak ill of other people behind their backs, as my mother points out - because, as I explained to her, criticizing one's decisions in their face, in person, is intrusion into that person's decision-making - a no-no. I added that the Republican attempts to enact Christian moral laws is un-American for that very reason. I also added that I do not approve of Latin American and Asian immigrants trying to rewrite American moral laws - destroying the rugged American individualism in the process - and in particular, I strongly disapprove of the Korean community, with its moralistic mega-churches, Reverend Moon, and Torture Counsel John Yoo, to a point where I support banning further Korean immigration into the US.