11 May 2006

200 million Americans logged by W

In 2000, as W ran against Al Gore, he had one major slogan.

"My opponent trusts the government. I trust you."

But after 9/11, which W allowed to happen (if not orchestrate himself), he made an about-face, and continually pushed for vastly expanded government powers, in the name of providing security. Today, USA Today has revealed that W has been using AT&T, Verizon, and BellSouth to log phone calls of more than 200 million Americans. Normally pro-W Qwest Communications has been the lone holdout that has prevented the W regime from logging every American.

In a hastily arranged press conference, W kept emphasizing that the surveillance program only covers those Americans who happen to be connected to al-Qaeda. But the way he's been pushing things, I am pretty sure that he can, and will, use the phone call logs to track down every political opponent. Given that W considers ANYONE who opposes him a "terrorist," this will be at least 2/3rds of the population, and even as for the 1/3rd that still supports him, any contact with the "terrorist" 2/3rds would bring them into suspicion as well.

If this isn't the big government that the Republicans themselves kept warning me about (as well as the libertarians), I don't know what is. And it's disgusting that I had to pay taxes - at the premium single rate - to fund this pathetic excuse of a government.

Given this revelation, and the election fixing by Diebold, I no longer consider the US a constitutional democracy. The Democrats must run on a platform of nothing less than a FULL investigation and subsequent IMPEACHMENT of this criminal fascist. (Unfortunately, the likes of Dean, Reid, and Pelosi are still trying to find the nonexistent "center.") Otherwise, they do not deserve to win at all, and fascism is indeed what the sheepish American public deserves.

And whoever succeeds W must take W's "pre-emptive strike" where it truly hurts - W's best buddies and the TRUE terrorists, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

USA Today