30 May 2006

The Christian foot soldier

The setting is modern-day New York.

You are a foot soldier prepared to give your life for God.

Your objective: convert or kill as many non-Christians (including Catholics), feminists, gays, and secular humanists as possible, or die trying.

This is a sick idea for a video game, prepared by Reverend Rick Warren, that will be sold this holiday season at suburban megachurches. It will be marketed heavily to Christian teens (or rather, their parents), so that they can be brainwashed into fighting what would be the Christian equivalent of the Muslim jihad.

Daily Kos reports that you may either play as a modern-day Crusader, or you may play as a member of the Global Peacekeeping Force of the United Nations, reporting to the Antichrist and mowing down all Christians in sight.

This is absolutely disgusting. For this kind of filth to be even allowed shows just how uncivilized portions of the American society are, and how much of a death cult the Christian belief system has become. This is, in other words, WAR.

Daily Kos