04 May 2006

Fashion Corner

EDIT 5/8: This will become a regular feature of this blog. I need pictures of people, well-dressed or not. Otherwise, the blog stays too serious and boring.

I've been seeing some photos of the Met Costume Institute Gala from a few days ago, and some celebrities arriving there. Although fashion isn't something I normally discuss in this blog, I'm obligated to talk now, because this photo of Sienna Miller hits just too close to me.

Photo from MSN Movies

She's been faulted repeatedly over this setup, for wearing a sequin tunic dress with black winter tights, a look too casual for this occasion.

Unfortunately, I often end up wearing something similar (though minus the sequin). Not quite having fully recovered my identity yet after losing it in 2001, I cannot shave my legs without raising major suspicions, especially in summer. That means I often hide my legs behind the same heavy tights that Sienna is wearing in the photo, even with summer outfits. (Or I can just wear slacks, and forget about wearing skirts, dresses, and shorts altogether. As it stands, I can't even wear the now-popular gauchos. That's pretty pathetic.) The high hemlines I prefer (like Sienna's dress) make the tights scream even louder.

And not having a dress formal enough used to be an issue with me too - at least until buying an LBD last fall. But again, I'll need to wear lighter hosiery with that LBD, not these heavy tights, which are opaque enough to be worn as leggings for some 1980s flashback party.

The hairdo and the fake tan are also faulted here; I certainly don't like the tan either, which clashes badly with the outfit, but the hairdo - I can live with it, I guess. Certainly beats my businesslike hair at any time.

In any case, I hope for an improved situation for myself, so that I won't be committing a fashion faux pas like Sienna does here, against my will.