01 May 2006

In Grave Danger

My parents have threatened me with death, for a minor argument that went back to the newspaper photo of W being kissed by a North Korean child. I was forced to leave when my father swung an oxygen bottle at me.

The primitive Korean culture is in action. I am hiding in a safe place away from the madness, but that's all I can say of my whereabouts at this time.

It's official. The megachurches of Little Havana West are just as evil and death-filled as the mosques of Hamburg that plotted the 9/11 attacks. Please, for the love of humanity, dump your Samsung cell phones and Hyundai cars now. (I just destroyed my Samsung phone.)

EDIT: Somehow Hyundai Motor America had gotten itself into the corporate donor roll of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, right alongside gay-friendly Subaru, I just found out... which truly confounds me.