20 May 2006

World on Fire

It's a Sarah McLachlan song, and the link below will take you to the video.

World on Fire

Sarah spent $150,000 to make the video. Normally, the cost would've been spent on production personnel, equipment, and sets. But the actual video cost only $15, and the rest of the money was donated to various causes to help the world's most needy. Most of the video, in fact, is a slide show detailing how much work just a few hundred dollars here and there could do.

I'm reminded that greed is what seems to be killing people around the world - and within the US. For example, other countries lack universal healthcare because they can't quite afford it. The US lacks it because its neocon ideology won't allow a vital government program (while funding another governmet program, the war machine).

Thanks to a classmate in my novel class for sharing this link.