27 June 2006

Americans the most nationalistic

So says a survey of people from 34 countries.

I am not surprised. Americans are proud of their democratic institutions and heritage, despite W's assault on them. They are justifiably proud of their power and influence. Some people are proud of America for the wrong reasons, but they are proud nevertheless.

Venezuela has come in a close second, thanks to Hugo Chavez's social policies and his brinkmanship against the W regime. Following it were Ireland (always proud to be Irish), South Africa (thanks, Mandela), and Australia.

Europeans and Asians ranked low. This includes France and South Korea, countries I consider to be highly nationalistic. The Koreans may be ranking low due to the fact that their nationalism, at least of the right-wing sort, is more about finding a superpower (most likely Republican United States, maybe Liberal Democratic Japan) to suck up to.

In general, high-ranking countries were the more idealistic nations that were former colonies or newly formed.