12 June 2006

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

I've decided to set the worries of the world (and the nation) aside, by watching the FIFA World Cup soccer going on in Germany right now.

Okay, I'll be honest. Whenever a notoriously homophobic nation played, I cheered for its opponent, even if the opponent itself weren't so stellar in its human rights records. In other words, cheer Mexico when Iran played, and cheer Ecuador when Poland played. (Both Iran and Poland have lost.)

Despite the ugly neocon foreign policies, I am still supporting Team USA, and was disappointed by its crushing loss to the Czech Republic today. With the remaining opponents in the group, Italy and Ghana, both being strong, Team USA will have a very uphill fight ahead.

I'll be watching the wild parties that will take place over the next month in the various ethnic enclaves of Los Angeles; East LA just erupted yesterday as Mexico beat Iran, and Koreatown will be next as South Korea takes on Togo tomorrow. Though I'm still too pissed off to actually join the festivities (especially the ones in Koreatown), just a mere sight of these parties will be good eye candy here in Los Angeles.

FIFA World Cup 2006