24 July 2006

Ban on books on Cuba

The Miami-Dade School District had banned a series of 24 books for children, dealing with the lifestyles of different countries of the world, because one of the volumes, one on Cuba, described the life under the Fidel Castro regime too positively - at least in the opinion of a parent.

It's now reported that the ban was ridiculous enough in the eyes of a district judge to be overturned for now.

Just because someone didn't like the bit about Cuba, the children of Miami were deprived of a chance to learn the cultures of 24 different countries. This goes against the ideals of teaching children as much information as possible, so that they can make the best decisions for themselves. Let's not let a vocal bunch of expats, whether from Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, or elsewhere, dictate what Americans with no special ties to those countries can and cannot read and see.