28 July 2006

It's a MAN, baby!

The more I look into Mann Coulter, the more convinced I am that indeed, we're talking about a tranny.

It's one thing when Stephanie Miller jokes about Coulter's gender. But it's a whole different matter when Randi Rhodes openly declares Coulter a man, straightforward, with no irony intended. This afternoon, I heard Rhodes do this at least twice.

Moreover, Coulter's latest book describes just how godless liberals are, as if Coulter herself is a devout Christian. The problem is that while Coulter declares herself a member of New York's Redeemer Presbyterian Church, the church itself flat-out states that Coulter is NOT a member. I used to know many Redeemer members back in my NYC days, and if someone as high-profile as Coulter attended that place, I would've known. Only two conclusions can be drawn: that either Coulter is pretending to be a practicing Christian when she's not, or that Coulter cannot attend the church because, well, she's pretending to be a woman when she's not.

And the more I discuss Coulter with my political contacts, the more feedback I get regarding the oddities of Coulter's anatomy and presentation - from the infamous Adam's Apple to oversized hands and feet. I was able to catch Coulter a few nights ago on CNBC, and while her voice did sound feminine, many trannies can pull it off with vocal training (and I can personally attest to that).

So I am more convinced than ever. It's a MAN, baby! And while some say that it doesn't matter anyway because Coulter is disgusting and hateful no matter what, I do have to disagree, since any LGBT shilling for the Far Right homophobes, by definition, is a sellout and a scumbag. And the sad thing is that Coulter is not just an isolated case, but the tip of the iceberg, an epidemic of rampant arch-conservatism in the circles of transgender "women."