04 July 2006

Mexican election stolen?

I've just learned that the National Action Party's (PAN) candidate, Felipe Calderon, appears to have won the Mexican election by the narrowest of margins.

DiAnne and I have been discussing this issue, and DiAnne told me that the leftist candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), had led the polls. She is suspecting a stolen election by the PAN with the help of the Republicans in the US. I wouldn't disagree.

A PAN victory will worsen conditions in Mexico by continuing the destruction of what's left of the middle class. It will impact the US with more illegal immigrants flooding the border states. It will ensure that the right wing controls North American politics, combined with Conservative Stephen Harper of Canada. Last, but not the least, it will be an endorsement of Vicente Fox's gay-bashing politics.

If W indeed fixed Mexico's election, it wouldn't be the first time he meddled with the politics of a sovereign foreign country. For that alone, W deserves to be punished. And if PAN indeed used outside help from the US to fix the election in its favor, then maybe it should simply rename itself the American Republican Party of Mexico, and apply for statehood with the W regime; it doesn't deserve to rule a sovereign nation anymore.