15 July 2006

Odds and Ends

First, I've just read an article on Match.com that shows the benefits of singlehood. In today's environment, where marriage is being trumped up by the right-wing media, and where even gays are so obsessed with commitment ceremonies that they fight a narrow marriage battle instead of a wider unmarried rights battle, articles like this tell the truth, and show hope. I've known many of these benefits all along, and I am in no mood to give them up anytime soon.


Second, there have been an addition and a deletion in my links section:

Camp Democracy is the new addition, and it expands last year's Camp Casey into a long-term camp on the Mall in Washington D.C. I wish I could go and participate. I will try to offer the best moral support that I can, in order to hold the W regime and its culture of death accountable.

Meanwhile, Fallen Goddess has been deleted. It's a wonderful community of lesbians - except for a few bad apples. A few bad apples shouldn't be forcing me out of the community. However, given that one particular individual has been carrying out a vendetta against me, simply because I am not afraid to speak my mind on ethnic homophobia, which clashes with her politically correct view of whites being the primary/only source of homophobia (it certainly is NOT the case where I am), it's not been a pleasant experience. When I spoke out about my experience of being denied healthcare, she accused me of launching a misinformation campaign. It appears that she even reported me to a moderator for an "anti-Christian" blanket post, when in fact more severe anti-Christian statements have been made by other members without much of a fuss. I've pretty much had it, and will be discussing the issues with the moderators and the webmaster; if I feel that the issues are not being handled in a fair manner, I will have no choice but to seek greener pastures. I have no business being at a place where politically correct white liberals tell me what to think, and write off my own experiences as invalid; I've had enough of that with the conservative community already.